Will Noni Help Me To Lose Weight?

Noni juice is in a long list of items sold online and in health food stores that claim to help with weight loss. How does noni fruit measure up in helping you slim down?

Noni is from many sources but is most often sold as a polynesian juice or capsule in a juice extract with many claims of health improvements like liver health, cancer fighting, immune system boosting, detoxification, cholesterol lowering, energizing and other potential  benefits as well.

Phytonutrients, selenium and other components of noni are said to cause the benefits. The cereal dieter.com is currently unsure of whether or not noni is something to consider trying. I’ve found quite a few sources calling this juice snake oil and a fraud.¬† I’d love some feedback!

Have you had any luck with noni for weight loss or other health benefits?

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